Specialists in a global market in growing niche

NCAB operates in the global PCB market and has sales to 45 markets around the world. The company focuses on a growing, specific niche in the PCB market that has a higher level of technology, lower volumes – and stronger margins.

Focus on high-mix-low-volume (HMLV)

The market for PCBs can be divided into two main segments that cover different customer needs: High-Volume and High-Mix-Low-Volume (HMLV). NCAB’s main focus, the HMLV segment, is for orders with lower volumes and that encompass several different PCB technologies. These types of PCBs are often used in more technically advanced products, in the engineering industry, medtech and automotive industry.

Market-leading position

The PCB market in Europe and North America is a fragmented market with many local players. NCAB’s primary competitors are, for example, Fineline in Germany, ICAPE in France and PalPilot in the USA, which operate in a similar fashion to NCAB with local customer presence and organisations in China to ensure quality and capacity. Other types of competitors include Asian manufacturers that sell directly to customers in Europe and North America, mainly active in the High-Volume segment, and domestic manufacturers and small trading companies without their own presence in Asia.

In its niche, NCAB is one of the largest suppliers in the European and North American markets. In Sweden and Denmark, NCAB is the largest player in the market, and one of the largest suppliers in Norway and Finland.

Total PCB market, USD billion

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