Accelerating Growth

One of NCAB’s major strategies is to grow by acquisitions in parallel with continued organic growth. NCAB is in a strong position to drive consolidation in the market. NCAB has completed many successful acquisitions in recent years in both Europe and the USA. We are looking for further opportunities in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia, both in countries where we are already present and in new markets.

Becoming a part of NCAB Group

Our business philosophy is built on delivering Quality First, Strong Relationships and taking Full Responsibility throughout our value chain. NCAB Group has a decentralised organisation, and we believe in empowering our employees so that operational decisions are made at the subsidiary level close to the customers rather than at Group level. Our local companies can focus on supporting their customers and growing their operations whilst receiving strong support from Group Functions.

With NCAB Group as a new owner, the acquired companies will be able to utilise the entire Group’s network of systematically sourced factories and receive access to expertise and experience from our Factory Management team in Asia. Acquired companies will also benefit from access to local knowledge and cultural understanding through deep collaboration with our colleagues around the world.

Why sell to us?

Business owners who sell their life’s work to NCAB can be confident that NCAB, as a new owner, will provide expertise, experience, financial stability and financial resources to support the acquired company’s continued development and success. As a growing company we are continuously looking to welcome new employees. In our acquisitions it is never our objective to look for synergies through staff reduction. We believe in the power of combining our shared passion for PCB’s and together strengthening our vision of being:

The number 1 PCB producer – wherever we are.

What type of company are we looking for?

We are selective with what companies we acquire, and we are therefore looking for companies where the following criteria are met:

  • Small and medium-sized companies with sales not less than SEK 50 million
  • Stable and profitable businesses (we avoid turnaround cases)
  • Companies focused mainly on the sale of PCB’s
  • Companies with no PCB production of their own
  • Entities that share our values and culture